Natural Pest Control

The bugs are all over the place now! Slugs, snails, beetles, aphids and all those other creepy crawlies that eat our plants! Although it’s a good idea to kill these evil doers, we don’t want to harm the bumblebees, other pollinators, lady bugs, spiders and other predatory bugs that help our garden.

Unfortunately, most natural pest control concoctions harm all bugs so be very careful whenever you put something in your garden that has the ability to kill any little critter. Only use pest control concoctions when you need to control a large and destructive pest problem. Try manually killing the bugs with your fingers first.

I found an article with some handy recipes for making your own natural pest control with non-toxic items from your kitchen.

Remember our North Surrey Organic Community Garden is ORGANIC. Please do not use harmful toxic pesticides or inorganic nutrient application.

Let us all know about how the tips work out for you in the comments below!

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