Gardener Discounts

Hello again gardeners!

We’re happy to announce that our garden members will receive 10% off at these 3 generous garden stores!

David Hunter (15175 – 72nd Avenue, Surrey)
99 Nursery (9376 King George Blvd. Surrey)
West Coast Seeds (4930A Elliott Street, Ladner)

Make sure to bring your card in for proof of membership!

The Fall Garden

The days are getting shorter and the nights are a lot cooler now. Even though we just had what seemed like a summer heat wave, we are fast approaching fall. Now is the perfect time to get the cooler temperature loving, fast growing plants in the ground for a final harvest: peas, bok choi, arugula, winter kale and radishes. Another crop to get in the ground in the next few weeks is garlic for next summer’s harvest. If you don’t want to plant anything else this year consider a cover crop like alyssum, barley, or buckwheat, for over the winter to protect and add nutrients to the soil.

Here’s a great article on how to grow garlic!

Do you know of any other fast fall crops? Have you had any success with cover crops in the past? Leave a comment below!


Bee Extinction ?!

There has been a lot of buzz over the past few years regarding the possible extinction of native, honey and bumble bees. Although clearly the bees are not extinct right now, we should all bee very concerned about their population health and endangered status. Bees are very susceptible to the toxic pesticides used both commercially and residentially. Which is why it is so important that we all avoid using any kind of toxic chemical in our gardens or yards and eat organic food whenever possible.

I was made aware of an article highlighting the illegal use of a pesticide in an Oregon Target parking lot that killed about 25,000 pollinating bumblebees. This is approximately 330 hives destroyed by this one parking lot. Check out the article and pictures of this terrible story here.

Below is a photo circulating the social media world highlighting the human benefits of pollinating bees.

photo (1)

Natural Pest Control

The bugs are all over the place now! Slugs, snails, beetles, aphids and all those other creepy crawlies that eat our plants! Although it’s a good idea to kill these evil doers, we don’t want to harm the bumblebees, other pollinators, lady bugs, spiders and other predatory bugs that help our garden.

Unfortunately, most natural pest control concoctions harm all bugs so be very careful whenever you put something in your garden that has the ability to kill any little critter. Only use pest control concoctions when you need to control a large and destructive pest problem. Try manually killing the bugs with your fingers first.

I found an article with some handy recipes for making your own natural pest control with non-toxic items from your kitchen.

Remember our North Surrey Organic Community Garden is ORGANIC. Please do not use harmful toxic pesticides or inorganic nutrient application.

Let us all know about how the tips work out for you in the comments below!

Slugs and Snails and Gastropods, Oh My!

So every year without fail the slugs and snails attack my vegetables…

Here’s a little organic trick that actually works pretty good – crushed up egg-shells! It’s organic, cheap, and easy to do. After you’re done with the egg-shell wash and air dry it (this reduces the stench…), after dried put all the egg shells in a container or small bag and crush. Sprinkle the crushed up egg shells around the plant that is being eaten by the slugs or snails. Voila – an imperfect but works slug and snail barrier! It’s not the most attractive method but it also adds organic matter to the soil.

I’ve been collecting egg shells for weeks now but it’s not too late for you to begin!

Here are the before and after pictures of my Pac Choi!
Before: (I had just applied the egg shells)photo pac choi2-3 Weeks Later: (Note the new growth is much less eaten!)
photo (pac choi 2

Do you know any useful organic tips for shooing away those annoying slugs and snails?! Leave your tips in the comments below!